Sanction law defence advocacy offers a professional counterbalance for

the powers of the authorities. Our services cover corporate criminal law,

tax litigation, penal administrative law, Supreme Court & other special

and international criminal law.


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VNG Connect Academie

Nov 21

Voor de VNG Connect Academie (het leerplatform van en voor gemeenten) verzorgt Gert-Jan Elsen de workshop: De Geheimhoudingsplicht in de praktijk.  

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The firm

Wladimiroff stands out from other law firms. This boutique ranks among the absolute top of legal professionals in the Netherlands handling issues of financial, economic and tax law. Since 1976 the firm has committed itself to these complex areas of law. Other lawyers in the Netherlands and abroad refer their clients and relations to Wladimiroff on a regular basis.

Specialist assistance

The corporate world is increasingly complex. Entrepreneurs, directors and professionals have to tread carefully. Regulators, investigative services and justice may respond fiercely to violations of the rules. Government inquiries can have drastic consequences, which commonly include damage to the (reputation of the) entrepreneur or director. In those cases Wladimiroff offers assistance and tailor-made advice. Capably, comprehensively and confidentially.


The firm is unique for its expansive team of specialists experienced in all areas of sanctions law: (international) corruption or fraud inquiries by the public prosecution service, complex fiscal issues, enforcement by AFM [Authority for Financial Markets] or ACM [Authority for Consumers & Markets] or investigations into environmental offences. Regulators and enforcers consider Wladimiroff a formidable opponent.


Wladimiroff offers hands-on assistance of the highest standard. Comprehensive counsel in inquiries will prevent the improper use of confidential information, or the disregarding of a right to silence. A solid defence can preclude painful measures or penalties and minimise (reputational) damage. Advice tailored to a specific organization or a specialized course for staff contributes to compliance, reducing the risk of unpleasant investigations and harmful litigation.


Wladimiroff is well aware that the interests at stake are sensitive and that publicity is unwelcome and harmful. The firm's specialists work discreetly, and will seek out of court settlements. If a case is already in the public eye, Wladimiroff works with the client's PR officers or specialised agencies to handle the media. This makes Wladimiroff as often as not the first choice for companies, directors and professionals in delicate cases.